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Boat Show Maps

Escape Key Graphics supplies some of the coolest boat show maps around.

Escape Key Graphics has created boat show maps many ways and combinations of ways, but there are two basic types, vector and 3D. In both cases buildings, paths and everything else in your map is like an object that can be moved, shrunk, deleted, etc., making revisions easy and quick. Expansion of your show, site, or facilities seldom means recreating your map from scratch.

2012 W3 Gold Award Winner

The vector based method has the advantage that maps can be blown up to a poster of any size with little or no degradation. The advantage of 3D modeled maps is their great versatility. 3D modeled maps can be rendered from different angles and zoom extents creating endless new possibilities. These 3D boat show maps are more realistic in look than the vector boat show maps and can provide multiple look and feel options.

Boat shows Escape Key Graphics has designed maps for include: The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, The Newport International Boat Show, Yachts Miami Beach (formerly The Yacht and Brokerage Show In Miami Beach), The Panama International Boat Show, Strictly Sail Miami, The Palm Beach International Boat Show, The Saint Petersburg Power and Sailboat Show and more.

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A Miami Illustrated Map
Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Map
Newport International Boat Show Map
Boat Show Map
Panama Boat Show Map
The Palm Beach International Boat Show Map
The St. Petersburg Power & Sailboat Show Map
Convention Center Map Design
Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Transit Map
Newport International Boat Show Map
Miami Boat Show Bus Map
Miami Convention Center Map
Miami Strictly Sail Map
Miami Boat Show Sea Isle Map
Miami Boat Show Transit Map

From the February 2016 Issue of Southern Boating Magazine...
Southern Boating Magazine Article

Boat Show Map as it appeared in a boat show program

Boat Show Map as signage

Printed Boat Show Map

folding illustrated pocket map
Fold Out Boat Show Map

boat show signs
A Boat Show Map on signs

boat show illustrated map in a magazine
boat show illustrated map in a magazine

Printed Boat Show Illustrated Map
Printed Boat Show Illustrated Map

Boat Show Map signage

"You Are Here" Boat Show Map
Custom Parking Map

Custom Parking Map - Palm Beach International Boat Show

Custom Parking Map Menu Off the Map: Custom Parking Map - For this years Palm Beach International Boat Show requirements were a little different for the parking map. This year the map was for web use only and this provided me with an opportunity to make a map that works that much better at just one thing. By moving the menu off of the image you can zoom and pan on the map without having to zoom back out to use the key. It also makes the key indexable by search engines and that should help search engine optimization. The

2018 Palm Beach International Boat Show map

Palm Beach International Boat Show Custom Illustrated Maps for 2018

Custom Illustrated Maps by Illustrator John Potter for the 2018 Palm Beach International Boat Show I've updated the illustrated aerial maps I created for the Palm Beach International Boat Show to reflect all of the improvements that Informa has achieved for 2018. The maps continue to be a vital part of the boat show's organization and leads guests to their favorite vendors and helps them discover new ones, not to mention find the bathrooms. Based on CAD drawings supplied by the client I have created a 3D model that I modify as necessary from year to year and change the

Miami Yacht Show

Miami Yacht Show Maps

Miami Yacht Show Maps Once again it's time for the Miami Yacht Show, formerly known as Yachts Miami Beach and at one time the The Yacht and Brokerage Show in Miami Beach. I am happy to once again be the illustrator and designer of the Miami Yacht Show maps. This show is always bigger than I remember from the previous year. Collins Avenue is going to be packed with beautiful yachts and if you're really serious your broker may take you to the Superyacht Show at Island Gardens Marina. With the aid of my maps and the wayfinding additions made

Show Planning Graphics

Show Planning Graphics

Illustrations and diagrams to assist in planning trade show displays - Planning Graphics As a contractor to The Catamaran Company I have assisted in planning for many of the events they attend. I want to share some examples. Good planning graphics can avoid wasted time and money, communicate your concept to coworkers and management, help ensure setup goes smoothly and provides a slick marketing tool for upcoming events. Maximum utilization of square footage is usually easier with a visual aide and with the high cost of shows ensuring things go smoothly ahead of time is a smart investment. If you

FLIBS 2017

Maps for Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2017

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show map Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show map - As in years past I have updated many of my existing illustrated maps and created many new ones as well for the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. This show promises to be a new beginning and a kind of reboot of the show in many ways. I think I may have done more work for this show than in any previous year. The work resulted in 45 high resolution files and if my count is correct 9 illustrated maps, 7 overhead maps, 16 sign designs, 16 illustrations